Brad Jacob – Associate Professor at Regent University School of Law

Brad Jacob is a graduate of the University of Chicago Law School and has been an Associate Professor at Regent University School of Law since 2001. His teaching expertise includes Constitutional Law, Foundations of Law, Constitutional Criminal Procedure, and Nonprofit Tax-Exempt Organizations.

Before coming to Regent, Professor Jacob served:

  • as founding Provost and Dean of Patrick Henry College (1998-2000);
  • as Executive Director/CEO of the Christian Legal Society (1991-93);
  • as Associate Dean of the proposed School of Law at Geneva College (1993-98);
  • as a Staff Attorney in the Center for Law & Religious Freedom (1988‑91); and
  • as director of the Justice Fellowship Policy Institute at Prison Fellowship Ministries (2000-01).

He is the author of a number of scholarly articles, including:

  • Living Out My Calling (Journal of Christian Legal Thought 2015)
  • Eight Men Out – Make That Nine (Regent Journal of Law & Public Policy 2012)
  • The Bible and the Constitution (Trinity Law Review 2011)
  • Griswold and the Defense of Traditional Marriage (N. Dakota Law Review 2007)
  • Will the Real Constitutional Originalist Please Stand Up? (Creighton Law Review 2007)
  • Back to Basics: Constitutional Meaning and “Tradition” (Texas Tech Law Review 2007)
  • Free Exercise in the “Lobbying Nineties” (Nebraska Law Review 2006)

Professor Jacob began his career as an attorney in Baltimore with the major international law firm now known as DLA Piper.

Professor Jacob has been married since 1983 and is the homeschooling father of nine children. He is interviewed in print and broadcast media around the country on a regular basis, and serves as a frequent guest on:

  • Newswatch on the Christian Broadcasting Network,
  • Macrini’s Morning News Team on WNIS-AM in Hampton Roads,
  • Let’s Talk with Mark Elfstrand on 1160 Hope in Chicago, and
  • The Steve Batton Show on WKQA Freedom 1110in Norfolk.