Harold Cassidy, JD – Certified Civil Trial Attorney

Harold Cassidy has engaged in a broad variety of litigation, both trial and appellate, in his 42 years in the private practice of law. The New Jersey Supreme Court designated him a Certified Civil Trial Attorney and he is a past member of the Board of Governors of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America, New Jersey. He was selected by the New Jersey Governor to serve as a member of the New Jersey Bioethics Commission, and was a Delegate to the American Bar Association convention on Life, Death and the Law. In 2017 he was selected by Who’s Who as one of the Top One Hundred Lawyers in North America, and was invited to be a member of the prestigious, invitation only, “National Trial Lawyers: Top 100.” For his achievements in the law he was selected Person of the Week by the ABC World News with Peter Jennings.

Most significantly, Harold Cassidy is considered the leading and most accomplished attorney in the nation as a defender of the rights of pregnant mothers. He secured the return of children to their mothers where the mothers’ surrender of their rights was uninformed or involuntary. He was Chief Counsel in the famous Baby M case, the first case in the United States to strike down surrogate parenting contracts as illegal, unenforceable, against public policy and exploitive of women. In 2009, he successfully litigated the first contested “gestational” surrogacy case in New Jersey, where the mother who carried the child was not genetically related to the child, obtaining a decision that the woman who carried the child was the legal mother, that the contract was unenforceable, violative of public policy, exploitive of women, and her consent for adoption, resulting from compulsion of the contract, was void. He currently is litigating the constitutionality of surrogacy enabling statutes as violative of the constitutional rights of the children and the surrogate mothers. He has successfully sued a surrogacy broker who violated the rights of the surrogate mother.

Mr. Cassidy has devoted part of his practice to protecting the rights of pregnant mothers where abortion providers have violated their rights and subjected them to procedures without obtaining informed and voluntary consent. Mr. Cassidy established important precedent which held that a first trimester abortion involved the death of a family member, and also successfully sued an abortion doctor who performed an abortion which was coerced.