Karolyn Schrage (RN, BSN)

Karolyn Schrage (RN, BSN), serves as the Executive Director of the LifeChoices Health Network, Joplin, MO.

Their multiple clinic locations and mobile unit offer sexual health medical services including testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections and limited OB care.

Karolyn is the Victims Response Team lead for RISE – the SW MO anti-trafficking Coalition, is a member of the MO Attorney General’s Human Trafficking Task Force and a member of the CAHT Prosecuting Attorney Office, Western District Missouri.

At the request of law enforcement, their mobile response team provides free on-site access-ready sexual health care for at-risk and sexually exploited individuals. Victims from over 41 site locations have been recipients of services provided by the Choices team.

For 20 years Karolyn served in healthcare in Kenya, Africa. While there, she was involved in founding rural primary healthcare clinics with an emphasis in women’s health.