Attorneys present will receive CLE credits (depending on state approval), and nurses in attendance will receive CEU credits

In addition, NIFLA will be hosting the Celebration of Life dinner on Thursday, October 26, 2023. The dinner will be a special opportunity to celebrate NIFLA’s 30 Years working with the pregnancy centers and those in our communities that work for the unborn.

Tentative Schedule:

Tuesday Oct 24:
8am -12pm Registration Summit | 9am - 12pm Clinic Intensive 
1pm - 4:30pm Sessions #1,2,3 | 4:30pm - 6pm Welcome Reception 

 Wednesday Oct 25:
7:30am - 8:15am Sponsor Area Open |
8:15am Worship/Announcements
9am -10am Session #4&5


12:30pm - 1:30pm Session #6,7,8 | 4:15pm - 5:15pm Speed Networking


7pm - 8pm Memorial for the Unborn | 7pm - 9pm Sponsor Area Open

Thursday Oct 26:


7:30 - 8:15 Sponsor Area Open | 8:15 Worship/Announcements
9 -10am Session #9 & 10


12:15pm - 1pm Sponsor Area Open | 1pm - 2pm Session #11,12, Q&A
4:30 - 6pm Sponsor Area Open | 6pm - 8pm Celebration of Life Dinner


Topics For Summit:

Leadership Topics
Employment Law Update for Religious Employers
Winning the War of Words in a post-Roe America
Review the 2023 CLI Report on Pregnancy Centers
Reaching Out to Fathers, the Forgotten Link in the Abortion Debate
Impact of NIFLA v Becerra Five Years Later
Baby Daddy
Mission Possible: How to Conduct a HIPAA Security Risk Assessment
Preventing Forced Abortion in the post-Roe Era
Saving Lives Post-Dobbs: The Need for Federal Protections
Dealing with Media, Both Hostile and Friendly
The Next Step in Achieving an Abortion-Free America" After Dobbs

Medical Topics
The Road to Success for Pregnancy Medical Clinics:
A Summary of the Latest Legal Pitfalls and Best Practices
PULs (Pregnancy Unknown Location) in the Pregnancy Medical Clinic
Medication Abortion’s Ever-Changing Landscape:
The Role of Pregnancy Medical Clinics Including Abortion Pill Rescue Network.
The Fetus as a Patient
Bioeffects, Risk, and Safety in Obstetrical Sonography

Clinical Intensive

Clinic Management Intensive: “Servant Leadership in the Medical Clinic”