Missy Clifton Ph.D.

Founder of Learning Is Created, a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Missy has the desire to impact God’s kingdom every day. God has blessed her with a Doctorate in Advanced Clinical Pastoral Psychology, a Master’s in Instructional Systems with a focus on Online Learning, A Master of Divinity with a focus on Biblical Studies and certified in Health Care Privacy and Security. God opened a door for ministry at Missy’s local pregnancy center. She began serving about the time the pregnancy center expanded its services to include low-cost STI testing. Learning and experiencing the battle, she wondered how other pregnancy centers not as strongly supported meet the incredible demands of training.
Missy discovered how pregnancy centers meet the demands of training and felt led to found Learning Is Created to come alongside and serve pregnancy centers. Learning is Created sets out to help you meet the demands of training in an affordable manner as a blessing to you and, ultimately, your clients; that is my heart. Missy hopes to help equip employees and volunteers so they impact the kingdom of God by sharing the Gospel and loving clients well.